Upcoming events in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area, or online with Great Lakes Healing Arts and event partners.

Upcoming Ann Arbor Area Events

Arbor Wellness Center

Dec 6 12-1:15 pm

Mindful Relaxation with Mindfulness Coach Joy Aleccia. Learn relaxing techniques for grounding, de-stressing, mindful breathing, and more.

$20 @ door, RSVP

Enlightened Soul Center

Dec 11 6-7 pm

Reiki and guided meditation for heart wisdom with Ron Stadler. Relax in a quiet supportive circle with Reiki healing while diving deep into a guided meditation to connect with your heart’s intuitive guidance.

$20 @ door, drop-in RSVP preferred

Oracle Deck Class

Jan 27 10:30 – 11:30 am

Journal your own dream symbols and most treasured life experiences into your own personal oracle card deck for intuitive guidance. Hosted by Reiki master Heather Heffley of Hamburg.

$20 @ door, private home location, RSVP for details

Online Events


Learn introductory practices, self-guided meditation techniques for connecting with your intuition, and experience relaxing distance Reiki. Coming soon.

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Please use the contact page or email to book an online remote Reiki or meditation coaching session.

Online Classes

Coming soon.

Great Lakes Healing Arts Michigan Reiki Meditation Life Coaching

For more information on an event or to RSVP or schedule a session, please email or call/text (734)834-2401.

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