Online Meditation & Coaching Packages

Please email or call/text 734.834.2401 for a free initial consultation or to schedule an online coaching session. Thank you!

Remote Meditation & Life Coaching Options

Meditation Training Online

Learn introductory practices, self-guided meditation techniques for connecting with your intuition, and learn self-healing meditations and relaxation techniques pulled from the martial arts and shamanic meditation traditions to create a lifestyle of balance, peace, and flow.

$80/hr personal training sessions online/phone

Intuitive Arts Life Coaching

Mark milestones in your life and craft a beautiful future through intuitive journaling, personalized ceremony, and intuitive life coaching to help you navigate to your best life path. Learn creative practices you can use any time to comfort yourself and your family, and connect with your creativity and most inspired ideas to create the future you want to live.


Online Meditation Class & Healer Interviews

Class coming soon for a complete package of instant-access online meditation coaching and resources.

Healer interviews can be found in Reiki News Magazine, Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, and linked on

$250 / class

For more information on a class or to schedule a session or free initial consultation, please email or call/text (734)834-2401.

Thanks for your interest.

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