Online Meditation Coaching

Maybe you’ve tried meditation to relax, but you couldn’t empty your mind or sit still. Guided meditation for relaxation and flow is a great alternative to sitting meditation for those individuals who want all the benefits of meditation but need a direction for their thoughts. Step down a path in your own mind that leads deep into your subconscious wisdom, to a place where you can activate the deepest parts of your mind and body to help you relax, release tension, and connect with your inner wisdom. Learn powerful guided meditation techniques pulled from a variety of traditions from Reiki to shamanic journeying to the Chinese martial arts for relaxation and flow. This practice focuses on multiple guided meditation techniques supported by gentle Reiki and visualizations to improve circulation, tension release, and intuitive inspiration, and are much easier for Westerners to apply because they direct the mind toward relaxation and healing rather than asking it to empty and sit still. These techniques can be used for personal development, to manage chronic pain or stress with relaxation tools, or to hone flow state consciousness for high-level creative thinking. Adaptable to any physical ability.

Not recommended for those who may need the careful guidance of a psychotherapist to manage mental health conditions that may be unbalanced by deep access to the subconscious in a short period of time such as bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder, or schizophrenia.

Online Life Coaching

In our busy modern lives, many ceremonial life milestone markers have been lost, leaving many people feeling adrift and disconnected with themselves, society, or their life path. Shamanic arts life coaching is designed to help individuals reconnect with what is most important to them, through personalized coaching, ceremonies or therapeutic art projects to mark life changes, and intuitive journaling. Learn to journal through your thoughts until you really connect with how you’re feeling–the key information you need to tap into the vast information available to you in your subconscious about best next steps in your life. Create personalized ceremonies that allow you to let go of a past chapter of your life or step into your future. Create a personalized meditation you can return to any time for relaxation, safe space, and guidance.

Reiki, meditation, and life coaching are supplementary tools for traditional medicine and do not diagnose or treat illnesses or replace traditional medical or psychiatric care where that is needed. If you are concerned about whether Reiki or meditation are right for your situation, please first consult your physician or therapist for their professional advice.

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