Great Lakes Healing Arts offers gentle yet powerful tools to empower the individual to connect with their own intuition for healing and creative inspiration. The practice combines Reiki and other relaxing energy healing modalities with guided meditation and shamanic arts life coaching to support individuals in building a self-directed life path that meets them where they’re at and respects their worldview.

Clients can select from available modalities on request to focus on areas of interest, but Laura customizes each visit to meet the client’s current needs and combines a host of modalities into one holistic practice. For example, if a client would like to focus on relaxation from stress, Laura might start with a Reiki session and finish by building a custom meditation routine they can practice at home for further relaxation and insight. If they come in with a particular injury or focus of concern, Laura can support comfort and healing in that area and provide the client with the tools to further support their own continued processing after the session. Reiki is often deceptively simple up front, but the body continues to process powerful shifts after the session for lasting change. Laura focuses on the common ground between a number of traditional healing modalities, which means the practices can be adapted to clients’ needs and lifestyles and no two sessions are exactly the same.

Shamanic life coaching focuses on areas similar to art therapy in which the client processes emotions, life transitions, and more through self-expression and marking life transitions through personalized ceremonies. Reiki, Ataana method energy healing, guided meditation including shamanic journeying, and shamanic life coaching all focus on supporting the client in connecting to their own intuitive inner guidance on which life path is right for them, and support gentle healing that aims not to re-traumatize the client in the process of healing. Reiki does not involve moving the hands on the body to manipulate soft tissues like massage, but rather can be performed with light touch or with hands held slightly off the body. It is a perfect modality to support those who are not comfortable with heavy touch or who are looking for a way to support healing in a gentle way that works at the pace the client is ready for.

Adult sessions are $80/hour, individuals under the age of 18 are $60/hour (guardians required to be present), and packages are available to make appointments more affordable when booked in advance. Laura works in person and remotely with clients, but prefers face-to-face appointments to get to know people up front. She currently has a limited schedule of availability, so please email greatlakeshealingarts [at] gmail dot com to schedule or use the form on the homepage to contact her with questions. Thank you for your interest and for your investment in your wellbeing.

Reiki and meditation and life coaching are supplementary tools for traditional medicine and do not diagnose or treat illnesses or replace traditional medical or psychiatric care where that is needed. If you are concerned about whether Reiki or meditation are right for your situation, please first consult your physician or therapist for their professional advice.

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