Great Lakes Healing Arts offers gentle yet powerful tools from guided meditation coaching to intuitive arts circles to empower individuals to connect with their own intuition for healing and creative inspiration. The practice focuses on multiple guided meditation techniques and life coaching supported by gentle Reiki to help individuals connect with their subconscious wisdom for healing, relaxation, high-level creative thinking and life path direction. These techniques can be used for personal development, to manage chronic pain with relaxation tools, or to hone intuitive thinking for creative inspiration.

Laura is not currently accepting private Reiki clients, but you may select from multiple group class options from meditation coaching classes to intuitive arts circles. If you are interested in private distance coaching or online classes, please email with your information and availability to be taken into consideration for planning future online class and coaching options.

Drop-in meditation classes and intuitive arts creative circles local to the Washtenaw County area are often $20-30 apiece, and can be built on for more learning and connection with Great Lakes Healing communities.

Laura is also hosts semi-private personal training sessions for meditation coaching. Adult sessions are $80/hour, individuals under the age of 18 are $60/hour (guardians required to be present). Laura currently has a limited schedule of availability and does not accept individual private sessions. Thank you for your interest and for your investment in your wellbeing.

Reiki, meditation, and life coaching are supplementary tools for traditional medicine and do not diagnose or treat illnesses or replace traditional medical or psychiatric care where that is needed. If you are concerned about whether Reiki or meditation are right for your situation, please first consult your physician or therapist for their professional advice.

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